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Perseus speech

September 12th, 2014 · No Comments · Uncategorized

I can’t believe it Polydectes has sent me to decapitate Medusa I can’t to this I feel sacrificial and guilty , but why can’t he do it himself .


What Daedalus did ?

September 3rd, 2014 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Daedalus made a boat out of wood so he could sail to his village as of it being 120 miles away. Just as he finished his boat it collapsed then he remembered when he had nails in his pocket there was a mini hammer as well , he fixed it all together then picked bananas from a tree and collected water and then sailed off . 2 hours later he arrived finally , he raced to his house to get some money and his family.


My Victorian Story Called ‘Turning Back Time’

December 11th, 2013 · No Comments · Uncategorized

Hello I’m Sarah and I’m in the year of 1901 the death of Queen Victoria . Today everyone in the victorian village  are wearing black to remember who she was and how much they loved her but I’ m not not looking at that iIm looking for place called the mills although I have heard  that i have to be careful because i’ve also heard that children have died because of there ears, eyes and hands from the rubbing of the cotton I don’t want that to happen so I’d better get of so , however I don’t want to be late .

I’m now at the  mills but I’m early at the mills so the mills are not on. A girl is quickly brushing the leftover cotton on the floor and another girl is rubbing the cotton meanwhile that was happening I was hanging my coat and then went to the manager’s   office because I am a guest today and also an a  assistant . Then a girl screamed although the fire bell rang so we all ran to safety . Next I asked the manager what I could have for dinner he said Sarah you can come to the special meeting that also contains a special dinner . So I walked up the old metal , black steps to dinner …. After half an hour dinner was gone . I’d had to rush because the managers slave begged me  to finish  I thought she was a bossy boots I bet she hated me as much as I did…. 2 hours on I was walking back home it was amazing I saw the blacksmith and the sad funeral for Queen Victoria so I thought I would nip in for a bit they said how tough she was and how good she was also people were wiping the wet tears off I held on .. so that was the story of turning back turning back time .